Aluminum Mill Rolls

From hot to cold - covering a wide variety of needs 

Union Electric Åkers supplies rolls to some of the world’s leading aluminum mills. We were the first roll manufacturer to introduce the 5% Cr and 10% Cr semi HSS grade with considerably improved performance for the hot mill process. Additionally, having our own ESR installation gives us the ability to have full control over the entire production process to ensure this level of quality.

Our range includes work rolls and back up rolls for hot roughing, reversing, and tandem rolls, cold breakdown rolls, finishing rolls, and foil rolls.

Aluminum mill rolls are manufactured at our facilities in the US and Slovenia. 

Main Roll Grades 

The following table gives a general overview of our main grades in this product segment. Further information about each grade is available in our Product Data Sheets.

Roll GradeApplication
5CRMO  Forged steel with 5%Cr Hot Rolling
5CR80MO Forged steel with 5%Cr Hot Rolling
TERMA5 D Forged semi HSS with 5%Cr Hot Rolling
TERMA10 D Forged semi HSS with 10%Cr Hot Rolling
2CR(HCR)/INDRA2 Forged Steel with 2%Cr Cold Rolling
3CR/3CRMO/INDRA3 Series Forged Steel with 3%Cr Cold Rolling
4CRMO Forged Steel with 4%Cr Cold Rolling
5CR/INDRA5 Series Forged Steel with 5%Cr Cold Rolling