Research and Development

Market Driven Innovation

R&D is central to the numerous innovations that drive our growth and business.  Development processes enable us to comply with our customer’s needs.  Our R&D efforts ensure that we always maintain a competitive edge.

As well as developing new roll products, our R&D process also includes evaluation on material properties, validation of process and product qualities, in service performance evaluation and follow-up throughout the life span of the product to ensure product quality.  The R&D process is based upon a set of predetermined phases which make certain that we can reliably move a new product from design and prototype phases into market launch.    

A global R&D Team

The Union Electric Åkers Research Center is situated in Sweden, where we develop technologies for the manufacture of new and innovative grades of cast and forged rolls. The research center is equipped to tackle the most advanced design projects.

Union Electric Åkers has metallurgical laboratories and technical staff who are involved in all aspects of the R&D process, located both at our research center and at our manufacturing sites.

R&D strategy and goals

Our R&D strategy rests on a number of specific goals. First, to keep a technology leadership in product performance and product integrity. Second, we aim to run R&D programs for all of the product lines we supply, including projects covering research status, development status, market trials and acceptance status. And third, we work to introduce new, unique breakthrough products and roll grades to gain or maintain a sustainable leading position.

The ability to manufacture both forged and cast products according to the latest developments in hot and cold rolling operations exemplifies our capability and mission to supply the optimum roll for a given mill application.