Let's Roll

Let’s Roll is distributed toUnion Electric Åkers global customer base; from Purchasing to Rolling Mill, Roll shop and Process development functions.  

Through “Let’s Roll” we hope to clarify, highlight, and keep you updated on: 

  • Cast and forged R&D activities such as break-through products and the development of process technology and solutions;
  • Our global network of Sales and Technical Service teams and how they can assist you in the very best way;
  • How we best can work closely with you to understand your present needs as well as your future challenges;
  • Optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) including performance and process efficiency both in the Roll Shop and the Mill. 

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values and very important to us. Union Electric Åkers will strive to exceed your performance and service expectations as we deliver the highest value roll products available in the industry.