Roll making

Manufacturing rolls requires many different technologies, some that we have developed ourselves, and others that are already available in the marketplace. Our foundries, steel plant, forging, machine, and heat treatment shops, are capable of manufacturing a wide range of rolls. Benchmarking between our plants enables us to establish best practices and ensures that knowledge exchange is efficiently spread throughout the company.

When you consider the challenging environments in which our products are used, the materials and methods that we employ to make our rolls are under high pressure to perform. Add to this the output capacities of today’s high-performance mills, and the fact that operators demand extended roll lifetimes with no degradation in quality, you will see that our task is not an easy one. 

The main steps in roll production are:

  • Melting, refining, adjustment
  • Static or centrifugal casting of cast rolls
  • Ingot casting of forged rolls
  • Forging
  • Heat treatment in one or several steps
  • Machining
  • Final control