Rolls built to last

Rolls might look like just another piece of metal, but with the high temperatures and stresses to which they are exposed to in modern mills, considerable demands are placed on roll materials and manufacturing processes.

The high performance requirements of today’s mills mean that rolls need to remain in the production cycle longer than ever, while still assuring a high strip quality.

To achieve this, Union Electric Åkers uses a variety of technologies, many of which lay at the forefront of today’s capabilities, to create the highest standard products backed by an extensive system of quality controls.

The mastering of many technologies

At the heart of our products lies excellence in metallurgy expertise, enabling us to develop new grades and assure the manufacture of high quality rolls.

We also require specialist skills from other disciplines, such as machining. Application knowledge, such as rolling and roll maintenance, are also important competencies for the R&D process, as well as providing technical assistance to our customers.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)