New Heat Treatment facility adds customer value

In late November 2016, Union Electric Steel announced the completion of a new heat treatment facility, located within the existing Harmon Creek Plant, in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.  Limited production commenced in early December.

Gary Cercone, Director of Engineering at Union Electric Steel, directed the engineering and design work for the approximately $9 million project. Construction of the nearly 16,000 square foot structure broke ground in the spring of 2016. 

The new facility will produce a more uniform product with improved qualities and specifications, through a highly engineered system comprised of precision heating and horizontal quenching technologies. Additionally, the level of control in the heating and cooling of this configuration is improved and tighter than industry standards.

This additional heat treatment within our Harmon Creek plant allows us to provide more completed products from this location, with a quicker lead time. 

 “We are extremely pleased with the progress we have made with the heat treatment project,” said Gary Cercone. “This new facility has state of the art equipment that will deliver precise and targeted heating and cooling processing of our material, and produce a high-quality product for our customers as a result.”