Cold Mill Work Rolls

Extensive range

This market segment covers forged Work Rolls and Intermediate Rolls for use in Wide Cold Strip Mills of 2-high, 4-high, or 6-high types, including reversing Reduction Mills, Tandem Mills, Double Reduction Mills, and Temper/Skin Pass Mills.

Our Rolls can be supplied in a number of grades to suit various applications, materials, and rolling conditions. Both electric steel and ESR quality rolls are available. We also supply Cold Mill Work Rolls in cast grades of High Chrome Iron type. 


Forged rolls are manufactured at our plants in the US and Slovenia. We also provide customers with re-hardening and re-cutting service and support. 

With Union Electric Åkers’ extensive knowledge and experience of manufacturing forged work rolls, we can assist clients in selecting the grades and parameters that will assure optimal performance in their mill operations. 

List of Grades

The following table gives a general overview of our main grades in this product segment. Further information about each grade is available in our Product Data Sheets. 

 Roll Grade
3CR / 3CRMO / INDRA3 Series Forged Steel with 3%Cr
4CRMO Forged Steel with 4%Cr
5CR / 5CRDH / INDRA5 Series Forged Steel with 5%Cr
SHSSII Forged semi High Speed Steel with 5%Cr
INDRA 5D Forged semi High Speed Steel with 5%Cr
INDRA 10D Forged semi High Speed Steel with 10%Cr
INVICTA Forged High Speed Steel