Union Electric Åkers Introduces VICTURA™ TwinAlloy™ Steel Rolls

Since the introduction in the mid 90´s of enhanced carbide ICDP type of work rolls for hot rolling finishing stand applications, major steps have been taken throughout the industry to meet the ever-changing needs of hot rolling mills. Mill applications that require newly advanced and highly demanding materials are setting a new standard for roll requirements.

In December 2017, Union Electric Åkers officially launched TwinAlloy™ Steel, a new generation of high-performance grade rolls, with the release of VICTURA™, the first product in the series.
Union Electric Åkers’ long tradition in forged and cast roll making, combined with a commitment to research and development, have resulted in the TwinAlloy concept. This innovative technology brings together superior wear resistance, good operation safety and excellent surface quality – properties that no other manufacturer has been able to successfully combine.

Substantial research and development, coupled with prototype testing, resulted in the new roll grade VICTURA, which brings breakthrough performance in hot strip mill applications. For the customer, this means exceptional increases in productivity and optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We are excited to introduce VICTURA, the newest addition of high-performance work rolls for hot rolling finishing stand applications. With the latest in research and innovation from Union Electric Åkers, we continue to offer an enhanced product portfolio that provides solutions for every customer need and any future challenge.

Union Electric Åkers’ solutions for late finishing stands work rolls include:

- VICTURA TwinAlloy Steel 

For more information on VICTURA TwinAlloy Steel Rolls, please contact your local Area Sales Mnager or visit the Union Electric Åkers Product page at www.uniones.com