Changing the world of rolls forever

For many years, the metallurgical principles and nanotechnologies applied to steel and iron making, the formation of the roll blank, and heat treatment has been subject to extensive research and development at Union Electric Åkers.  Today, we continue to look at new technologies that will change the world of rolls forever.

Existing boundaries of roll grades, production techniques, and the end use rolling applications are being challenged and broken where a new concept deriving from combinations of alloy and process design, never seen before, has resulted in a brand new family and generation of steel grades for rolling mill roll applications.

“This is the most important and exiting technology shift in 25 years,” comments Tom Adams, R&D Director, and one of the architects behind the breakthrough concept of Enhanced ICDP which was introduced in the 1990´s.

“The world premiere and introduction of the Union Electric Åkers Hybrid Steel Family will be done next year in both Hot and Cold rolling applications, and will initially cover Hybrid High Speed Steel grades,” says Stefan Wahlund, Director of Product Management and Marketing.