Union Electric Åkers at ABM Week 2016

ABM (Association of Brazilian Metallurgist) Week 2016 was held in Rio de Janeiro from September 27-29. The ABM Conference is the largest in Latin America.  Over 550 papers and 362 presentations were given, on a full range of steel industry topics, from Blast Furnace, to Logistics. 

Union Electric Åkers used displays and technical presentations so that visitors were able to gather information about the products, solutions, and services that comprise the Union Electric Åkers portfolio. A video on roll manufacturing, and brochures about the new Union Electric Åkers, were also available. 

Attendance was down from previous years, due to the current challenging economic conditions across Latin America. Despite this, the Brazilian Steel Mills were still well represented with many Roll Shop and Hot and Cold Mill operators in attendance. 

Visitation to the booth was high with many attendees inquiring about the new Union Electric Åkers. There were also students in attendance, asking questions in an effort to develop a better understanding of the industry.   

“It was excellent to see so many young, intelligent, inquisitive people interested in our industry,” commented Ron Webber, Technical Services Manager at Union Electric Åkers. 

The Conference was beneficial for many reasons. Union Electric Åkers personnel were presented with the latest developments in the roll industry by attending the conference technical sessions. Union Electric Åkers also had an opportunity to promote the strengths of having two of the leading roll companies combined into a single organization that can better serve the customer’s needs. 

The next ABM Conference (ABM Week 2017) will be in Sao Paulo from October 2-6, 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

Image: Four Union Electric Åkers colleagues attended and manned the exhibit booth: Daniela Vendramini (UEÅ-Brazil), Carlos Morone (UEÅ-US), Gustavo Nunes de Castro (UEÅ-Brazil), and Ron Webber (UEÅ-Canada).