Plate Mill Rolls

A primary market segment

With proven experience in supplying to well over 30 countries around the world, Plate Mill Rolls is a strong and well established product line within Union Electric Åkers. 

We can provide a variety of different roll grades ranging from conventional ICDP to sophisticated chrome iron, chrome steel grades, and high speed steel. We also produce smaller rolls for use in light plate mills, as well as very large and heavy rolls for use in ultra-heavy plate mills.

List of Grades

The following list presents the different grades that Union Electric Åkers can provide. Further information is available in our Product Data Sheets: 

Roll GradeApplication
URSA Nodular Indefinite Chill For Special applications
ICRA Indefinite Chill  Roughing and Finishing 
ICRA P Enhanced Indefinite Chill Roughing and Finishing 
MICRA Enhanced Indefinite Chill For Special applications
CRONA High Chrome Iron Roughing and Finishing 
URMA High Chrome Steel Roughing
SPECRA P High Speed Steel Roughing and Finishing