Cooperation Stimulates Progress

The Hot Strip Mill and Plate Mill at SSAB Raahe has long since been a development partner for Union Electric Åkers. Developing and testing out new roll grades to fit the needs and expectations of performance and total cost of ownership can only be achieved through close cooperation and long-term commitment from both parties.  

We currently have several new products in development, subject to prototype testing and evaluation in the Hot Strip Mill Early and Late stands at SSAB Raahe.

“Considering the latest roll grade SPECRA P (High Speed Steel) was successfully implemented in the Plate Mill, which resulted in double campaign length, and a remarkable improvement in terms of total cost of ownership, we are assured that the close cooperation between SSAB Raahe and Union Electric Åkers will continue to pay off with regards to the pending Hot Strip Mill projects,” says Jaakko Korteniemi, Development Engineer at SSAB Raahe. 

A “development partner” has: 

  • efficient follow-up performance 
  • an existing technical level relationship 
  • a high reputation among all customers  
  • awareness of the risks implied in testing
  • the opportunity to benefit from these activities